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May 31, 2022

Waga Wood BiH Admin

In the Konjic municipality, woodcarving is a centuries-old practice. Hand-carved motifs and a distinct aesthetic character distinguish the wood carvings, including furniture, elegant interiors, and little decorative objects. There is a strong sense of connection and belonging in the local community because of woodcarving, an integral element of the culture. However, the tradition is essential not only in Konjic but also throughout Croatia and the diaspora.  


It is an economically prosperous, socially inclusive, and ecologically sustainable craft practiced by various ethnic and confessional groups, which serves as an instrument for conversation and collaboration. In Konjic, woodcarving is practiced both as a profession and passion. Those who practice the craft at home are also important, with trained craftspeople serving as the primary bearers. 


The family-run woodcarving workshops have the most responsibility for preserving the art form, passing on its knowledge to the next generation, and making it more accessible to the public. On-the-job training of novices in the practicing workplaces and intergenerational transmission within the family are the primary means of transmitting knowledge and skills. 


Handicrafts such as this one require a steady hand and a great deal of patience, implying a deep love and dedication to the work.